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School Overview

The International School of Beauty is a private educational institution that offers vocational education with career-orientated programs in the comprehensive field of Cosmetology.

We at the International School of Beauty would like to introduce our students to the exciting and challenging world of Beauty.

The beauty industry is rapidly growing, and the demand for well-trained, creative artists is in constant need. By attending our school, our students will learn the necessary tools and skills for success in this lucrative field of work.

The instructors at the school are carefully screened to insure a staff of fully licensed and experienced professionals. Not only are they qualified to give both academic and practical instruction, they also serve as mentors that bring out the inner creativity in a person.


The mission of this institution is to provide an educational environment that provides a complete curriculum, based in the field of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, which will ensure that all students receive quality professional training; fulfilling all California state compliance requirements, providing advanced educational classes, to include product knowledge and safety, consumer safety and education, and ethical behavior; all done with the goal of producing highly trained, dedicated and fully qualified professionals who will meet the needs of the diverse population within our desert communities.

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The education program offered at The International School of Beauty, Inc. provides the student with advanced knowledge and experience. In a challenging environment and learning atmosphere, the School is designed to maximize the student's opportunity for success in these exciting career fields and the quality of the facility is evident in the classrooms and practice lab. The curriculum provided by the core staff is supplemented regularly by the use of guest artists, lectures and trainers with proven expertise in virtually all areas of the cosmetology industry and special, periodic surprise incentive rewards for the top students in attendance, performance and academic achievement.

These exciting opportunities are carried out in an environment that is emphasized by:

  • A spacious, well-lighted facility, designed to meet functional, academic and occupational needs.
  • Instructional and required practice equipment especially provided to properly enhance student training.
  • An educational philosophy that demand’s the student adhere to the high professional and conduct standards of the School and those of the vocation to which they are training.
  • A curriculum and instructional plan, structured to provide continual individualized supervision and assistance during the complete length of student training.
  • Instructional methods and techniques that are competency based to assure learning achievement in each course offered.
  • Training on quality equipment in pleasant and comfortable surrounding allows the student to gain skill and confidence. Adhering to strict standards of professional behavior enhances their future for quality employment opportunities and aides in developing their skills to the fullest capacity.