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*Amended to include Policy regarding the VAWA-Violence Against Women Act Requirements (see attached)

In accordance with the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 which expanded upon the security related requirements of the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, the International School of Beauty hereby has implemented procedural policy to meet the requirements under these regulations based upon the type of facility the school is housed in and the area in which it is located. Download Campus Report

  • The main school campus is located at 72-261 Highway 111, Suites 121-B, 121-C, 201 and 203, Palm Desert, CA. in the Los Sombras Village Center; a commercial office-type building, occupying less than a combined total of 4000 sq. ft.
  •  the Center is in a very low crime area of the City of Palm Desert, and
  •  the other occupants of the center are primarily family-type restaurants, and
  •  the student body and staff number under 115 people, and
  •  the students are not at the campus building after 5 pm Tuesday through  Saturday
  •  the school is closed on Sunday and Monday
  •  the parking lot in front of the campus building is patrolled by a professional

security agency provided by the property owner
Therefore, based upon the lack of any significant incidents of reported crime in the immediate area of the campus (which includes the parking area directly in front of the building where the campus occupies a portion, and the public restaurants located to the left and right of the building and the parking in front of those businesses, the above described location and small occupancy of the campus, there has been no need for separate Campus Security Personnel.

The instructional and administrative staff have been, and will remain to be, responsible for assisting any student who may have an emergency or security concern.  Upon any emergency involving a life-threatening injury, 911 is to be summoned immediately.  An adequate supply of first-aid supplies is kept on campus to treat minor injuries.  In incidences involving a potential crime (theft, vandalism, etc.) the police will be called to document the incident.  In no incident shall a staff member be expected to put his/her life in danger, however, all reasonable measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the student.

The Police, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Response telephone numbers are posted in the reception desk, the administration desk, and the business office.


A binder will be kept in the administration office where a record of any incidences involving students, staff or clients will be logged, by an administrative staff member from information gleaned from any written Incident Report turned in for the day. Any incident will be reported immediately to the administrator or designee for immediate follow-up, if necessary.


1. As part of the new students orientation, the purpose and use of the Incident Report will be fully explained to the students; emphasizing the importance of their reporting any incident in which they feel their security may be jeopardized, to include incidences happening in the school or on or in other public places within the Los Sombras Village Center such as:

  • While walking to or from their vehicle they are threatened in any way,
  • Vandalism to their vehicle
  • While eating at one of the restaurants in the center.
  • Theft of  personal property
  • Verbal or physical abuse by another student or staff member,
  • An unsafe condition which may cause an accident and injury
  • Alcohol or drug related incidences
  • Knowledge of any incident in the center, even if not directly involving them, which may have occurred when the school was closed, and the staff does not have knowledge of the incident.

2. Students will also be reminded to read the Standards of Conduct and Drug and Alcohol Abuse information provided in their school catalog, on the internet, in their orientation binders and as a part of the consumer disclosure information packed discussed at the time of enrollment,


  • The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students and employees on the school’s property, or as a part of any school activity away from campus.

3. Staff members will be advised to report any incidences they witness, have knowledge of by news or other media, occurring in the immediate area of Las Sombras Village Center, which could have, or did compromise the security of the campus, the students, the customers or themselves.

4. Staff members are given a copy of the school’s written Safety & Prevention of Serious Injury or Illness Policy and this Security Policy at the new employee orientation.


The data collected from the Daily Incident Log will be tabulated into categories, and combined into a Campus Security Report, on an annual basis for three consecutive years.  At the end of the third year the data will be combined into one report, which is sent to the US Department of Education.

The Campus Security Report is distributed annually to all students and employees and is included with other Consumer Disclosure Information that is made available to prospective students or any interested party, upon request.  The Consumer Disclosure Information is available from the Administration/Registration department and on the internet at www.internationalschoolofbeauty.com.


The Campus Security Report includes campus crime statistics and data on the occurrences of any alcohol and drug related incidents to include underage drinking, on-campus arrests for liquor law violations, drug abuse violations, and weapons possessions as well as copies of all the informational programs available to students and employees on crime prevention/self defense tactics, alcohol and drug abuse programs.
The report must also include the categories of crimes to include incidences of murder, manslaughter, arson, sex offenses (forcible and non-forcible), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft or vandalism as reported to local law enforcement authorities.

For reporting purposes the statistical data collected and submitted on the yearly compiled Campus Security Report, which has been gathered from the incident reports, should reflect only the nature and specific conditions of the crimes and arrests; no names are collected or reported on these statistical documents.

AMENDED IN 2015 TO INCLUDE REQUIREMENTS OF THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT, (VAWA) signed into law by President Obama ON March 7 2013. PLEASE REFER to the attached Information/Training Data outlining all aspects of the ACT and how student and staff will be provided a copy of this information to better equip themselves to understand what comprises Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking.